Kuppingercole Secrets Management Overall Leader Intercede

Intercede Named Overall Leader in KuppingerCole Secrets Management Leadership Compass 2023

Identity and Security Analyst Recognises the Completeness and Sophistication of the MyID Credential Management Solution

LEICESTER, UK, MAY 2023, Intercede, the global leader in managing digital identities, has been recognised as an overall leader and acknowledged for the completeness of its MyID® credential management solution for cyber secure digital identity, by KuppingerCole Analysts AG in its Secrets Management Leadership Compass 2023.

Published on 24th April, the Secrets Management Leadership Compass 2023 focuses on the credentials that are used by people, systems or devices seeking access to a protected resource such as an application, database, software module or device; the authentication credential may be a password, a token, or a key.

The report cites Intercede’s strong positive security, functionality, interoperability, and usability. It focuses on specific strengths as being sophisticated credential lifecycle management capabilities; integration with corporate identity management services; policy management control over authenticator issuance; the provision of high assurance IdP (identity provider) and authentication services and support for FIDO2 key pair management and attestation.

KuppingerCole places Intercede an Overall Leader, Product Leader and Innovation Leader in its Leadership Compass. The author of the report, KuppingerCole Analysts AG, Fellow Analyst, Graham Williamson, states: “Intercede’s leadership is in the completeness of their credential management solution.”

Passwords have long been used as a method to manage secrets and the report recognises that ‘Passwords are a perennial problem and are slowly being replaced by other authentication mechanisms, but while they are still widely used, a mechanism is needed to securely manage them.’ So, to add to the completeness of the Intercede product portfolio, last year the company acquired the multi factor authentication and password security management software company, Authlogics.

The report acknowledges the addition, stating the Intercede Group, ‘have sophisticated password threat analysis capabilities, with large repositories of compromised passwords garnered from the dark web.”

Chief Product Officer at Intercede, Allen Storey, is responsible for MyID and comments: “I am delighted that Intercede has been recognised as product leader, managing secrets used for authentication is an essential part of any security solution, put simply there is no value in having a credential that says you are Bill Gates if you are not Bill Gates. Intercede solutions ensure that managing secrets, credentials and digital identities be they passwords, one-time passwords, FIDO or PKI keys is secure, simple and scalable, enabling our customers to choose the level of security that best fits their requirements and helping them wherever they are on their journey to passwordless, stronger authentication and zero trust.”

The Secrets Management Leadership Compass 2023 is available now from the Intercede Website.

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