Intercede Yubico ForgeRock Modernising Workplace Login

Intercede join Yubico and ForgeRock for roundtable webinar on modernising workplace login

Intercede Chief Product Officer, Allen Storey will be joining representatives from Yubico and ForgeRock for a roundtable webinar discussion on how enterprises can modernise workplace login.

The workplace has been changing for some time, with increased remote working, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and expanding connected devices that employees need to use as part of their day-to-day life.

In fact, over recent weeks we have all experienced an exponential increase in all of the above.

Greater workplace flexibility is proving beneficial for many organisations but it also poses an information security challenge.

Fundamental to providing modern workplace login is simple, secure authentication that protects critical systems and data.

Strong defence against security breach, whilst maintaining a fast and easy user experience is essential to an efficient workforce.

In this webinar Yubico, ForgeRock and Intercede will discuss how organisations can solve tough application and computer login usability, productivity, and security challenges.

Learn about:

  • Defining the modern workplace
  • Top security threats encountered when modernising workplace login
  • Best practices to increase security, usability and productivity in the modern workplace
  • Common security challenges related to remote workers, and how to solve them

Register for the upcoming webinar by clicking here.

For those unable to make the live recording, we will be publishing a recording of the webinar on the Intercede website.

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