Intercede in the News - The importance of safeguarding the future of IoT

Intercede in the News: The Importance of Safeguarding the Future of IoT

23rd May, 2017

We’re probably all familiar with Gartner’s much-quoted forecast that, by 2020, there will be 20 billion connected devices in operation globally. As this prediction looks set to become a reality, it’s clear that the connections between people, places and things have never been closer, faster or more numerous than they are today.

The expanding landscape of IoT is fuelling the growth of smart-powered services in both public and enterprise arenas, creating benefits for consumers and society, as well as significant opportunities for businesses operating in today’s digital economy. However, a pressing question remains which affects all parties involved in the IoT: are we applying the appropriate technology to safeguard the future of the connected world?

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