Intercede Authlogics Acquisition

Intercede announce the acquisition of Authlogics, providing strong authentication from Passwords to PKI.

With the announcement of the acquisition of Authlogics, Intercede expands its product portfolio to cover the entire range of authentication options from ‘Passwords to PKI’.

Intercede use the ‘authentication pyramid’ to describe the various levels of security that differing authentication mechanisms provide, with PKI and FIDO at the top of the pyramid as the most secure due to their combination of private/public key cryptography, secure hardware and multiple factors to identify the user.

While PKI and FIDO remain the gold standard of authentication and are widely used within security sensitive customers such as government and defence, they are often too complex to deploy for organisations requiring a simpler, yet sufficiently secure, means of protecting access to their systems and information.

The Authlogics MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) product and associated System Agents enable Intercede to address the needs of those customers who require a range of strong authentication options that are simpler to deploy than PKI or FIDO, including hardware-based one-time passwords (OTP) using YubiKey devices, a mobile phone app and email/SMS of one-time password codes.

Many organisations are part way through their journey to strong authentication and still have a number of systems where a password is the sole, or one of, the authentication factors in use.  In these circumstances it is vital that companies do what they can to ensure that any passwords in use follow a secure password policy and are not known to be compromised.  The Authlogics Password Security Management solution comprises a password breach database, audit tool and policy engine that allows organisations to ensure their passwords are as secure as they can be.

Intercede and Authlogics Authentication Pyramid

This extended product portfolio is available to existing and new customers as stand-alone products, enabling Intercede to address the needs of a wider market. They will also be combined into an integrated product suite enabling Intercede to offer a flexible authentication solution covering the whole range of authentication methods managed from a unified console.

This integrated offering is valuable to larger customers who currently manage multiple authentication technologies as separate deployments. It is also vital tool for those who need to comply with US government standard FIPS 201-3 and associated special publication SP 800 63-B guidelines on matching appropriate levels of authentication to the sensitivity of the data and services being protected.

This acquisition, and Intercede’s continued focus on strong authentication and digital identities, strengthen Intercede’s position as the market leader in secure credential management and enable Intercede to deliver a comprehensive range of authentication options to a wider range of customers.

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