What's New in MyID MFA v5

MyID MFA v5 brings enhanced security, flexibility and ease of integration, making it the simplest way for organisations to protect their applications, data and networks against cyber-attack with phishing resistant authentication that’s easy to deploy, manage and use.

Passkeys are based on the FIDO standard and enable cryptography-based phishing-resistant authentication. By combining high security with a passwordless user experience Passkeys are revolutionising the consumer authentication experience. 

However, it has been difficult for enterprises to gain the benefits Passkey-based authentication brings, as by design they do not enable the level of management and integration enterprises require. By bringing enterprise managed FIDO passkeys into the MyID MFA product, organisations can now easily FIDO-enable multiple applications and deploy passkeys to end users enhancing security and improving the user experience. MyID MFA acts as both a FIDO authentication server and a passkey issuance solution. 

End users authenticate to MyID MFA with their passkey, and by support for standard federated identity protocols, MyID MFA provides authentication services to multiple applications including cloud, on-premise and Windows desktop logon. There are two type of Passkeys, both of which are supported by MyID MFA, enabling customers to choose the best balance of security and costs that fits their particular needs. 

Synchable Passkeys use an existing mobile phone to protect the private key used in the authentication process. Able to communicate over the FIDO protocol built into multiple devices and web browsers, the phone simply acts as the user’s security token and the user accesses the protected private key via fingerprint, face ID or PIN, delivering secure, passwordless authentication with a simple user experience.

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