US Government Federal Agency

A major US government federal agency had already deployed an identity and credential management system to comply with the FIPS 201 standard but wanted to replace the system with a more open and easier to support solution.


The agency specified a number of strategic goals for a replacement solution:

  • Compliant - the solution must be fully compliant with FIPS 201 and associated special publications and FICAM standards.
  • Open - the system must enable the agency to easily access their own data and integrate with existing in-house solutions.
  • Scalable - the solution must scale to managing identities and credentials for hundreds of thousands of globally dispersed employees and contractors.
  • Flexible - the solution should allow the agency to define their own security processes and workflows.
  • Low cost – the solution should minimise costs by being able to work with existing data, systems and hardware.

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To comply with FIPS201 a major US government federal agency wanted a more open and easier support solution.


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