Responsible for a variety of vehicle and driver license data, RDW need to enable insurance providers, RDW-approved companies, and governmental organizations have secure access to the data they hold.

Any potential solution would need to connect to a variety of internal databases and technologies whilst also providing a simple and fast means for approved parties to securely access data.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) provides RDW with the robust assurance necessary to enable trusted third parties to access data securely.

Through their PKI solution RDW were able to create, manage, distribute, store, and revoke digital certificates and public-keys at the scale necessary for a major public service provider. A solution to securely authenticate the identity of trusted third parties, individuals and systems that require access to RDW’s securely held data.

Intercede’s MyID® formed an essential part of RDW’s PKI solution; providing the software necessary for disparate databases and users to seamlessly and securely connect using PKI.

A robust credential management system (CMS), MyID not only provided the connectors for RDW to interoperate across multiple technology and hardware types for user access via PKI but also the solution for RDW’s IT team to manage the issuance, access levels, and revocation of user access into their secure databases. MyID essentially enabled RDW to utilize the strong authentication benefits of PKI at the scale they need.

However, RDW needed to move to a new PKI provider due to their existing certificate authority (CA) vendor ending support for their product. A new partner was needed to integrate within their existing technology, ensuring optimum levels of security was maintained, while disruption minimized.



The user-friendly CMS not only provides an easy solution for issuing and managing credentials at scale but its integration with existing architecture has also significantly reduced deployment time, complexity, and cost of ownership.


Widely adopted in government and enterprise for issuing and managing millions of certificates for trusted digital identities.


Flexibility and interoperability of EJBCA Enterprise together with MyID means the solution can grow in line with RDW’s needs and connect to new technology and devices.

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RDW, the Netherlands’ Vehicle Authority required a secure digital identity solution for insurance providers, governmental organizations and RDW-approved companies to access more than 27m vehicle and driving records.

Find out why MyID credential management software, along with PrimeKey EJBCA was found to offer the best solution for RDW’s needs.


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