Secure Citizen Digital Identity For Kuwait's National Identity Scheme

Responsible for maintaining all information on population and civil event registrations (e.g. births, deaths, immigration) for Kuwaiti citizens and residents, The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) hold millions of civilian records in their central national database.


PACI were issuing paper-based identification documents to citizens but wished to migrate to a highly secure smart card solution.

Key project requirements included:

  • Issuance of multi-application JavaCards
  • Issuance of multiple VeriSign certificates per card
  • Writing of biometric (fingerprint) data to cards
  • Driving a central printer farm of 40 printers in a secure PACI facility
  • Use of cards as ICAO compliant travel documents
  • Storage of multiple government agencies’ data on the card with discrete protection
  • Citizen collection of cards from self-service kiosks
  • Post-issuance updates of certificates and application data


MyID® was implemented to act as a single management system for all PACI processing and end user self-service national identity card operations.

Instructions to personalize cards are passed to MyID via the MyID Lifecycle Management API from the central PACI system. MyID then automatically electronically and graphically personalizes the cards by driving a farm of 40 printers in a secure PACI facility.

For citizens MyID allows cards to be securely unlocked at the point of collection and for post-issuance activities such as adding certificates or updating data via a number of card update stations operating an end user version of MyID for citizen self-service.



MyID CMS functions as a single product overseeing all back office and citizen-facing card management operations, while also integrating electronic and graphical personalization within a single process.


The system utilizes user-friendly web-based workflows, which are not only easy to navigate but also require minimal operator training, making the process highly efficient and less time-consuming. Moreover, to ensure high availability and reliable access, the system incorporates a multi-server deployment, thus enhancing the overall user experience and increasing efficiency.


In order to handle high volume throughput, the system utilizes a load balanced deployment strategy, which is fortified by a secure deployment that incorporates strong authentication and encryption.


Full ICAO compliance for use as an inter-country electronic travel document.

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