How a leading global mining corporation use MyID for mobile authentication and transaction signing

One of the world’s largest natural resource companies, operating mining, metallurgical and oil production sites across more than 35 countries and employing 145,000 people, required a solution to free up its teams from the slow, in-efficient process of transaction approvals.


Intercede’s MyID Enterprise credential management platform presented the software needed to maintain PKI based multi-factor authentication whilst also offering a more flexible, improved user experience using mobile devices.

By using MyID’s mobile authentication and transaction signing feature, the company is now able to issue PKI certificates to their employees’ iOS or Android smart phones, allowing mobile based authentication and transaction signing in real time whilst the employee is using applications remotely or in the office.

Using MyID, PKI certificates are issued to employees’ mobile devices, where they are securely held. When authenticating, mobile devices connect to the MyID authentication server before employees are prompted to prove identity using fingerprint, PIN, or facial capture. Standard, easy to operate methods of authentication that enable employees to access the financial applications they need as part of their role using the company’s existing security infrastructure.

Any transaction signing which takes place is then captured by MyID and centrally stored for future auditability and non-repudiation. The authentication and signing operations take a few seconds, providing a fast and seamless experience for employees.

Moving to mobile authentication and transaction signing has enabled the company’s employees around the world to expand from virtual smart card technology and perform the financial transactions they need securely and at speed from wherever they are.



Employees are able to use PKI based strong authentication into financial applications, backed up by a centrally stored audit log of signed transactions for non-repudiation.


The company’s IT team is able to set policies for employee usage of transaction signing and provide a tailored user experience using the MyID mobile app and APIs.


MyID software has a quarterly release cycle, ensuring the deployment will continue to offer the functionality, and work with the technologies and vendors the company wants to use.

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This case study explains how MyID CMS enables Governments and their departments to issue and manage secure digital identities to protect user access to software, data, systems and buildings for cyber secure operations.


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