A German Federal Institute, which forms part of a collection of federal agencies consulting the German national government, recognized the need to evolve its workforce authentication. The organization had identified its password-based approach as a low security solution that was delivering a poor user experience for its employees. A strong multi-factor authentication solution was required as the organisation looked to ensure its employees could access government systems simply and securely.


CRYPTAS Deutschland GmbH was the chosen organization to deliver the 2FA strong authentication solution. The CRYPTAS solution offered a combination of TicTok smart cards for employees to use crypto-backed authentication into IT resources, and feature rich credential management software solution in Intercede’s MyID for issuing and managing digital identities across the agency’s employees. MyID also presented a user-friendly solution for the organisation’s IT teams to manage their 2FA deployment and self-service options for employees to manage their smart cards themselves.

In line with the agency’s requirements, MyID was installed on-premise by CRYPTAS to the existing Windows Server 2019. Providing a fully functional credential management system for the agency without connection to any cloud services or requirements for permanent internet connectivity.

IT-Grundschutz was complied to within the agency’s IT network, using the Microsoft AppLocker service. The administration of all agency computers and user accounts takes place in a Windows domain, using Active Directory (AD). The configuration of MyID ensures that AD information is usable within the credential management system, with AD accessed via LDAPS.

The self-service elements of MyID ensure that agency employees have the ability to reactivate their smart card should it become blocked. Employees are also able to update existing smart cards and can only see features within MyID that they are able to use.

CRYPTAS delivered the integration and TicTok card setup on time at the agency’s base, all managed on-site by CRYPTAS’ native German-speaking team from its Düsseldorf office.



The expertise and experience of the CRYPTAS team ensured the deployment was simple and without hidden complexities and costs. The end-to-end approach offered by CRYPTAS kept things simple and ensured everything from hardware, software, installation and support was managed in line with the agency’s requirements, timescales and budget


The flexibility of MyID to integrate with the agency’s existing IT infrastructure, together with onsite installation by CRYPTAS, ensured a smooth transition to the new deployment.

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This case study discusses how one German Federal Agency has killed the password and improved security and user experience by moving to strong passwordless authentication.


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