BeyondTrust US Privileged Access Management company looks to improve their password compliance and security.

With 20 offices around the world, BeyondTrust is a cybersecurity software company and the global leader in Privileged Access Management. The company was recently acquired by Bomgar along with Avecto, and Lieberman Software. Today it is trusted by 20,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100, and have a global partner network.


BeyondTrust wanted to find a password management solution for its internal IT infrastructure that could be deployed company wide. Crucially, the solution needed to adhere to the latest NIST SP 800-63B Digital Identity Guidelines and be non-intrusive to the end-users as well as work solely through Microsoft Active Directory domain controller rather than the endpoints.


The answer was MyID PSM software, providing a simple and comprehensive way to ensure that all passwords comply with the latest regulations and that they haven’t already been compromised. Today, when a BeyondTrust employee attempts to reset their password, they do so use an intuitive online self-service portal. When they propose a new password it is automatically and instantly assessed for adherence with the NIST standard. Simultaneously, it is cross-referenced against our Password Breach Database - a continuously growing cloud-based blacklist of over 7 billion credentials which have been breached, including over 2 billion passwords.


“With PSM, we can have absolute confidence, employees working anywhere in the world, are using fully compliant passwords that have not been compromised, whether through direct hacks, phishing or malware.”

Michael Abadeer, Senior Security Engineer - BeyondTrust



Quick and easy on-boarding of personnel, even with 500 new BeyondTrust employees. With no need for help-desk intervention and little maintenance.


Centralised and highly scalable Active Directory domain controller.


An essential element in safeguarding employees, infrastructure and assets.


Complete confidence in users having fully compliant passwords that are not compromised.

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This Case study looks at how BeyondTrust, a US Privileged Access Management company looked to MyID PSM to improve their password compliance and security.


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