Identity is the real key to the digital world

The digital economy now marches in double time, led by non-stop technological development and the increasing power, functionality and convenience of the devices used to access the online environment. We can now turn our heating on or off with our smartphone, transfer funds across the world at the touch of a button and access company information in our home as if we were in the office. In the developed world, our working and social lives are now digital by default.

The world’s reliance on digital communication and commerce has brought the security of connected devices into sharp focus, for both our business and personal lives. Can you be sure that only you can access the smart technology that runs your house, that someone else can’t access your bank account or that the person accessing your company’s confidential data remotely really is an employee?

It is an advanced environment that demands equally advanced security and identity management if the vital trust relationships are to be established and maintained. That situation applies whatever the interaction model – business to business, business to consumer, government to business/citizen – and will be only amplified as the digital lifestyle becomes more established.

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