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eIDAS compliant document signing and employee identity management presented in new MyID and SIGNIUS joint solution

The opportunity to increase productivity and login security, whilst speeding up transactions and user experience are all attainable with the newly announced MyID and SIGNIUS joint solution.

Together, MyID and SIGNIUS present an identity management and eIDAS compliant document signing solution. Employees benefit from secure passwordless multi-factor authentication that delivers a seamless login experience, and organisations benefit from faster transaction approval that increases efficiency and reduces cost.

A two-part solution, MyID credential management provides the software to issue, manage and verify employee digital identities for multi-factor authentication (MFA) supporting both PKI and FIDO on smart cards, mobile devices or security tokens. Those identities are fully integrated with the SIGNIUS remote signing platform which allows employees to digitally sign documents and agreements in a legally binding, eIDAS compliant way.

Unlike other digital signing platforms, the partnership of MyID and SIGNIUS provides a system that manages the authorised access of users to the SIGNIUS portal, ensuring the identity of users performing digital signing is verified with strong authentication before the signing takes place.

Developed both for enterprise and government use cases, the joint solution presents a digital identity and central signing platform for both employees and citizens alike.

Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer at Intercede said: “I am delighted that SIGNIUS have chosen to use MyID to provide management of digital identities and access control to their signing service. Being confident that people are who they claim to be is vital for digital transformation and is a key element of zero-trust architectures.  By working together, Intercede and SIGNIUS simplify the process of bringing the highest levels of security to an eIDAS compliant solution.”

“Trusted digital identities are key when it comes to signing documents, agreements and contracts of any kind. An easy and straight forward deployment and a standardized integration with the organizations’ digital assets are currently what customers are intensively looking for. The joint MyID and SIGNIUS solution is addressing these needs by providing both – on-premise and cloud based turnkey solution for user management, strong authentication and digital signing of documents.” Said Jack Piekarski, Managing Director at SIGNIUS.

Webinar – eIDAS and Digital Document Signing: Be confident that people are who they claim to be

Join the SIGNIUS and Intercede joint webinar on 8 December at 10am CET. Click here to register.

To find out more go to the Intercede and SIGNIUS websites.

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