Intercede + CyberTech

CyberTech become first African partner to join the Intercede Connect Partner Programme

An increasing number of organisations are looking to protect their companies and systems from data breaches resulting from identity hacks, and there’s good reason for their concern. Around 80% of data breaches are attributed to weak user credentials, such as weak passwords.

With more employees working remotely, security experts predict a sharp increase in employee related identity hacks, and this is where an exciting new partnership comes into play.

The recently concluded partnership between cyber security company, CyberTech (a division of Altron) and UK-based security software company, Intercede, sees the roll-out of  MyID Credential Management Software in South Africa for the first time.

Herman Kriel, General Manager of CyberTech believes that the collaboration ensures easily deployed, scalable security solutions for its customers. “Organisations looking to upgrade their security stand to benefit from local expertise backed by global credential management technology”.

Following a lengthy search, CyberTech joined Intercede in 2020 as the latter’s first formalised partner in the African territory.

Born out of necessity and a mutual understanding, Intercede Partner Manager, Siobhan Morey-Millington believes that the companies have a strong cultural alignment which makes for a promising start.

“We have the product while CyberTech has the African footprint. They maintain excellent relationships with key industry players and provide essential on-the-ground services”.

Kriel seconds this notion:“We have exacting quality standards when it comes to the security solutions we deploy.  Intercede’s products deliver on both technical specifications and a professional reputation”.

About MyID

MyID utilises Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate users and devices using a cryptographic key. This solution cannot be cloned or copied, creating a unique digital identity for each user providing the highest level of security.

This solution addresses two key issues that companies grapple with on a continuous basis: weak passwords and identity hacks. “MyID adds an additional layer of security for highly-sensitive operations,” Morey-Millington explains.

She says that security solutions like MyID are needed by those that have the most to protect. “Banking institutions, governmental agencies and any organisation where different users needed different levels of secure access”.

The resulting product is a relatively simple to deploy and doesn’t require drastic changes to infrastructure or intensive training. “CyberTech customers are realising that it’s possible to address key management issues by simply putting the right tools in place. MyID simplifies the intricate process of managing people and technology,” says Kriel.

He concludes saying that the journey to finding a strategic partner may have been lengthy, but the final result and inside knowledge gained made the process worthwhile.

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