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It’s awards season and tech is taking part

Awards season is officially upon us, with the Grammys, Baftas, Oscars, Academy Awards, and others already underway, set to bring excitement to the daily coffee break chats in offices across the world.

Here at Authlogics, we love the awards season. Yes, there are movie buffs amongst us, but what causes more excitement in our office are the Tech Awards. In particular, the SC Awards — which presented Authlogics with an Award for “Best Secure Transaction Solution”. And the AI CyberSecurity Awards — which crowned Authlogics “Best Password Compliance & Replacement Specialists 2019”.

The SC Awards 2020 and the AI CyberSecurity Awards are more than an opportunity for tech companies like ourselves to seek recognition for our work. The awards are, in fact, for our customers, a means by which organisations can determine who is truly delivering the strong results needed to get ahead in a technologically advanced environment.

Since our inception, Authlogics have been leading the way with pioneering and unique software solutions for Password Security Management, and with the industry moving towards passwordless solutions, Authlogics have stood out as the market leader, helping companies to secure their IT infrastructure, reduce their costs and increase the productivity of their staff.

Why companies should be excited about tech awards

Art can be subjective. It’s often tough to pick which films will win awards because as people, we tend to judge based on how we felt about that film with numerous variables that influence our impressions.

Technology, on the other hand, is a little more black and white. It’s good or not, innovative or not, useful or not, leading or not, technically capable or not. While there is a lot of useful, exciting and advanced tech on the market, organisations who are serious about security and digitisation need innovative and leading solutions that deliver results and not just technology for technology’s sake.

Awards help to uncover the leaders of the industry so that organisations don’t waste money on ‘just good’ solutions when they really need to invest in the best. With security, literally only the best will do for your business, your customers, your partners and your stakeholders.

What’s more, technology awards are awarded by the industry. This process keeps outcomes honest and gives potential clients the confirmation that those who are intimately involved in these sectors have poked, prodded and pulled apart this technology to ensure that it meets and exceeds standards, then and only then are the best and the winners identified.

No great marketing campaign can influence these results. It’s an independent endorsement of the combined analysis of the company, the products and market success — via real customer implementations and results – positioned against industry peers.

Authlogics awards

At Authlogics, we are confident to put our technology up for these awards to have our industry peers critically asses where we stand.  Our clients and other organisations looking at password security, will know where to go and feel comfortable that they are in safe, industry-approved, hands.

Already Authlogics has won various awards for our authentication software and solutions, the latest is the Best Password Compliance & Replacement Specialists from AI Cyber Security Awards 2019.

This year, we are putting our hat back in the ring, with a recent submission to the SC Awards 2020 for “Best Emerging Technology” and an entry for the AI CyberSecurity Awards.

We are proud to be part of an innovative community of deserving organisations doing their part to deliver strong security solutions to organisations across the world.

Awards season for tech – where to find out more

If you want to discuss how our award-winning Password Compliance, Multi-Factor Authentication, Deviceless and Passwordless technology can secure your business against outside threats, get in contact with Intercede today.



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