Authlogics to Help World’s Largest Brands Plan Migration away from Passwords at Web Summit 2017

Venue: Stand A-801, MEO Arena, Lisbon; Date: 6th – 9th November

BRACKNELL, UK, 30th October 2017 – Authlogics will be at Web Summit 2017 to work with the largest and most influential digital brands in the world, advising on how they can plan and execute an effective migration away from username and password-based login credentials. The company will be on stand A-801 in the security area.

CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope, states: “Many of the world’s most ground-breaking, creative, influential and successful brands will be attending Web Summit 2017. Yet one area where the clear majority continue to fall down and disappoint users/customers is the login page, with a reliance on the antiquated username and password. Furthermore, organisations are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk, with data breaches being reported in the media almost daily.”

Hope adds: “Everyone is familiar with the password problem today, yet few are taking the initiative and are planning for a password-free tomorrow. Passwords are so engrained in society so it can be a daunting challenge, knowing where you want to get to, and how you are going to arrive at the destination.” Hope continues: “At Web Summit we will be showing clear and practical solutions to manage the current password problem and execute a migration plan away from passwords to more secure, and simple-to-use forms of authentication.”

On stand A-801 in the security area, Authlogics will showcase its flagship Authlogics Authentication Server, that delivers robust and highly secure password replacement, multi-factor authentication and cloud single sign-on for large global enterprises and SMEs.

Steven Hope will be available for media briefings at Web Summit 2017. To schedule a briefing please contact Graham Thatcher on Tel: +44 (0)7933 673 240 or Email: [email protected]

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