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Authenticate Conference October 18th-20th

We are pleased to announce our support for the FIDO Authenticate Conference from October 18th-20th, in Seattle.

Allen Storey our Chief Product Officer, will be delivering the two presentations as detailed below.  Register now to visit in person or attend virtually.

Authenticate Conference October 18-20

FIDO in the Enterprise – what is really needed

What are the challenges facing organisations adopting FIDO? How can we better address these and kill the password once and for all?

In this talk we highlight the blockers that are stopping more enterprises switching to FIDO.  We take a look at the challenges CISOs need answers to and how vendors can meet them head on.

Top takeaways

  • What challenges do enterprises wanting to adopt FIDO face?
  • The importance of identity controls
  • How large enterprises want to issue and manage their workforce identities

FIDO for the federal Government – Standards and FIPS201

As FIPS 201-3 nears completion, we look at how the changes to federal standards open up new opportunities for FIDO based authentication.

In this talk we will look at the current federal standards for authentication and how they are met today.  The expected changes being made to FIPS 201 standard and what this means for FIDO in the federal space.

Top takeaways

  • Get to know FIPS 201 and its impact on authentication deployments across federal government
  • How to utilise FIDO in the federal space now and in the future
  • The increasing functionality being brought to FIDO for federal government use cases

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