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Are your workforce’s passwords sat on the dark web?

More than 4 billion usernames and passwords are currently compromised around the world and so Google are acting to encourage at-risk users to change their passwords.

Google’s Password Checkup tool is a Chrome browser extension that will automatically alert users when logging into a website with credentials the tool believes to be compromised.

It is expected that the tool will steadily encourage thousands of individuals to update their passwords.

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Whilst the work from Google is admirable, the overriding message is the significant threat posed by relying on passwords for security. Not only as a concern for us as individuals but also of significant concern for large organisations whose employees will commonly use their personal passwords across workplace systems too.

A compromised consumer account will often also mean a compromised employee account.

As the threat of ‘brute force’ and ‘password replay’ bot logins and online fraud continues to increase, large enterprises are continuing to find themselves at the wrong end of incredibly costly data breaches.

Time to remove passwords from the equation

The common denominator in the majority of hacks and data breaches is the use of passwords. Systems that rely on passwords are vulnerable to cyber criminals and hacks.

At Intercede we are working with CISOs, CIOs and CTOs from major organisations around the world to evolve identity from the vulnerability of passwords to secure, cryptographically protected digital identities.

As a core part of a public key infrastructure (PKI) solution, MyID is a trusted system that can be found everywhere from defence and aerospace manufacturers, to banks and US Federal Agencies.

The reason organisations use PKI and MyID is threefold;

  • No more passwords: MyID removes passwords and replaces them with secure multi-factor authentication using a secure device (something I have) combined with a second factor, e.g. a PIN (something I know) or biometric (something I am e.g. fingerprint or face recognition)


  • Simple to manage: To effectively replace passwords a system must work with existing infrastructure and be easy to operate. MyID integrates with directories, certificate authorities, identity management systems, mobile device management systems and a range of secure devices. This means governments with millions of end users or large organisations with thousands are able to issue secure digital identities, and manage their lifecycle from one simple to use software solution


  • Simple for end users: Any system that makes things difficult for people will not succeed. MyID increases security while simplifying user access. End users are able to use the devices they have, whether their smartphone, laptop, desktop, smart card or USB token to access secure systems with a simple PIN or fingerprint. Lifecycle management activities such as unlocking a device or collecting new certificates can be performed at the users own desktop via a simple self-service interface, reducing operational costs and maintaining high service levels


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