Another busy week for Intercede: Attending simultaneous events across the globe.

The team at Intercede experienced an extremely hectic week, participating in numerous simultaneous cybersecurity events worldwide.

Our week commenced in Singapore, where Siobhan Morey-Millington, our ROW Sales Director, and Sales Account Manager, Trevor Allchorne, were involved in a Cyber Trade Mission organised by Department for Business Trade (DBT).

While over in San Diego, USA, the team attended the FIDO Alliance Authenticate 2023 Event. Our expert team comprising of Design Authority – MFA, James Westgate, MFA Product Director, Steven Hope, Federal & Commercial Account Manager, Eamonn Boyle, and Solutions Architect, Won J. Jun, sharing their expertise and knowledge.

This event turned out to be the perfect launching pad for the enterprise-managed FIDO authentication with YubiKeys features our latest version of MyID MFA . Intercede’s primary mission of enabling organisations to streamline and centralise their login and application access processes was reflected in this launch. To further our goal, we’ve incorporated FIDO authentication which offers unparalleled security and resistance to phishing threats, coupled with enterprise multi-factor authentication (MFA) software. The software is compatible with passkeys, device bound passkeys and synced passkeys. This new solution brings the benefits of secure and simple FIDO authentication to the Enterprise, regardless as to whether the organisation is using on-premises, desktop, cloud or different versions of Windows.

Intercede aims to help organisations streamline and centralize their login process and application access (both online and offline), aligning with FIDO Alliance’s objective for ‘Simpler, Stronger Authentication.’ This process uses highly secure FIDO authentication resistant to phishing, enterprise multi-factor authentication (MFA) software. In addition to these serious conversations, we also found moments of enjoyment especially when Jonathan Weakliem emerged as the lucky winner of the Apple Airpod Pro giveaway.

At the same time, located in the UAE; Channel Manager EMEA, Majid Mohammed and Phillip Nicklos, Director of Engineering – MFA, arrived in Dubai to attend the GITEX GLOBAL event.

GITEX GLOBAL is the largest and most inclusive tech show in the digital economy. This year marks the 43rd iteration of GITEX GLOBAL, a renowned and significant large-scale exhibition globally. For more than 40 years, it has been a bridge for collaboration amongst tech creators, investors, and enthusiasts. The 2023 event, themed ‘The Year to Imagine AI in Everything,’ has fuelled the global competition for AI dominance by offering unmatched predictions and expert insights about its potential impact. The event aims to connect the most innovative enterprises with the brightest minds to boost business, economic, societal, and cultural growth.

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