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African and Asia Pacific government representatives watch as MyID and other digital identity technologies combine for global ID open standards demonstration

MyID credential management software has integrated with a selection of digital identity technology vendors by issuing credentials to a smart card and mobile device as part of a global open standards initiative.

Open Standards Identity APIs (OSIA), is a global initiative from the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) with the aim of solving the interoperability challenges within the identity sector for innovation, competition, and sustainability.

OSIA consists of more than 35 members, including government representatives from African and Asia-Pacific countries, and identity professionals from leading technology companies including Intercede.

Recently OSIA technology vendors worked together to showcase their interoperability in front of government representatives. From the collection of identity data, to the creation of an identity in MyID before issuing a credential to a physical identity card and mobile device. Government representatives were able to witness how digital identity standards could ensure seamless integration between multiple vendors for a sovereign identity management system.

MyID Mobile Authentication

A video which captured the live demonstration will be shared by OSIA and working group members soon.

Officially launched in 2018, with the goal of following a holistic approach to legal identity, OSIA has developed APIs to connect the many technologies which combine to make a sovereign identity management system: enrolment, civil registry, population registry, biometric engine (ABIS), Unique Identity Number (UIN) management, physical and digital credentials management, digital ID third party services.

Like SIA and OSIA, Intercede is committed to the provision of digital identities for the secure, seamless access of citizens and employees to the information and services they need, via the devices they want to use. We believe interoperability is fundamental to this and that is why our MyID credential management software offers extensive integration capabilities.

Visit the Secure Identity Alliance’s website for more information.

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