Hacker in front of a computer, showing password cracking possibilities in the dark web

A Practical Guide to Password Cracking

Presenter: James Westgate – Ethical Hacker

Date: 27th July 2023

Time: 11:00 am EDT

About the Webinar

In today’s digital landscape, businesses must be vigilant about the evolving techniques employed by hackers to breach their password security. Our webinar aims to shed light on the most prevalent password cracking methods to keep you informed and prepared.

This webinar caters to a broad audience, including business executives, IT professionals, and security enthusiasts. If you are keen on staying ahead in the realm of data security, this webinar is not to be missed. Additionally, we will share practical advice on implementing the best security practices to safeguard your business in the digital era.

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Join us for an engaging and enlightening journey into the world of password cracking and data security. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the webinar!

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