A future without passwords….really! Part 1

Usernames and passwords are becoming increasingly unfit for purpose. At Intercede, we know there is better way: a more secure and at the same time more convenient solution…and at Mobile World Congress this week, we’re demonstrating just that.

On mobile devices, the challenge for implementing strong authentication is making systems usable and protecting the credentials when they are stored on the devices.

Working with partners such as Samsung, ARM and Trustonic, Intercede is using the secure element of a phone – in this case the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) – to show how securely stored digital credentials can turn mobile devices into a token for citizens and employees to authenticate themselves anywhere. This could be to a government service, a banking website or to log on at work.

This two- factor authentication combines something I have (the device) and something I know (a PIN) to be significantly more secure than a password whilst providing a simple, convenient experience for the user, just like operating an ATM or paying for something with chip and PIN.

Our approach is to take a device that everyone owns and understands, and to turn that into a secure token which, coupled with a PIN, puts two-factor authentication into a single device that’s already in the user’s pocket.

You can see me and my colleagues all week at Mobile World Congress – drop by any of our partner stands at ARM, Samsung, GSMA, G&D and Trustonic for a working demonstration of secure mobile identity and what it can do for you.

Chris Edwards

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