PrimeKey with MyID and YubiKey

Best practice lifecycle management and security for hardware-protected cryptographic keys

Date: January 16th 2020 | Author: Rik Merrikin | Topic: Tech Integration

Stepping up to strong authentication is no longer a necessity reserved for government, military and those operating in aerospace and defense. Organizations in healthcare, finance and manufacturing are adopting best practice authentication – public key infrastructure (PKI) – for their workforce.

Previously seen as a complex, difficult to integrate and run solution, PKI is now more accessible for CISOs and IT leaders from organizations of all shapes and sizes than ever before.

The integration between PrimeKey EJBCA, Intercede’s MyID and Yubico’s YubiKey is a prime example of a proven solution for organizations to deliver hardware-backed, best practice multi-factor authentication (MFA) that safeguards the IT environments of governments and enterprises from hacking and data breach.

We’ve partnered with PrimeKey and Intercede to show our customers that PKI security doesn’t have to be complicated. PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, MyID, and the YubiKey together simplify the management of hardware-backed keys to protect critical data and identities.

Tommaso De Orchi, Senior Director, Solutions and Product Management, Yubico

A solution for simple, secure MFA

PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, MyID and YubiKey integration

PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, MyID, and the YubiKey are built to leverage existing security infrastructure and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of applications and services.

With a united focus on making the digital world more secure, we’re excited to partner with PrimeKey and Yubico. Together, our technologies deliver a proven, integrated solution for enterprises to manage seamless multi-factor authentication simply and at scale

Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer, Intercede

Combining EJBCA Enterprise’s capacity to enable the management of several PKI hierarchies within the same deployment, MyID’s interoperability across directories, identity management systems and mobile device management solutions, and the YubiKey’s support for numerous authentication protocols and integration with systems and services, the joint solution effectively reduces the complexity of the deployment process.

Many large enterprises and governmental organizations opt to use PrimeKey, Intercede and Yubico as the best of breed suppliers; and they get seamless integration between our solutions. Moreover, I think our customers value that this integration uses standard protocols, as opposed to proprietary solutions that are in practice vendor lock-in mechanism.

Admir Abdurahmanovic, VP Business Development, PrimeKey


Strong Security

Standards-based cryptographic protection using PKI and hardware-backed MFA to deliver best practice managed security that complies with the most rigorous standards, including US FIPS-201.

Practical Deployment

A multi-purpose joint solution, PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise, MyID, and the YubiKey together have the interoperability to be shaped around existing IT environments for simpler, more efficient deployment.


PrimeKey, Intercede and Yubico present a seamless user experience for end users to authenticate and IT teams to issue and manage user credentials.

Download the full integration overview

Download the full PrimeKey EJBCA with MyID and YubiKey integration overview here.



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