Capabilities of MyID

Registration & verification  Regisration

Knowing and checking who a person is and capturing that information

  • Fingerprints
  • Facial biometrics
  • Documents
  • Photographs, including automated quality checks
  • Directories
  • IDM connector
  • Background and biometric checks
  • Watch lists and databases


Issuance  Issuance

Issuing a credential and data to one or more platforms or form factors

  • Smart cards and tokens
  • Virtual Smart Cards
  • Certificates
  • Applets
  • Face to face, self-service, batch and bureau


Lifecycle  Lifecycle management

Ongoing intelligent and user-friendly management of the credentials

  • Unlock
  • Temporary cards
  • Lost cards
  • Change PIN
  • Updates
  • Expiry

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Mobile  Mobile

The same MyID system that manages smart cards can handle full lifecycle management of credentials on mobile devices

  • TPM
  • SIM (UICC)
  • MicroSD
  • NFC
  • Native keystore
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)

MyID for mobile developers


Apps  Apps

A range of MDM-compatible apps is available off-the-shelf to enable rapid rollout of this technology, all of which can support smart cards as well:

MyID Mail

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MyID Browser

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MyID CardChecker

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