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What is MyID for WordPress?

A secure, easy to implement authentication service for mobile apps and cloud services.

The MyID plugin available through the WordPress Plugin Directory, enables administrators and subscribers to login to websites and blogs without cumbersome and insecure usernames and passwords.

To login from any desktop browser, users simply scan a QR-code using their phones and provide a fingerprint or PIN to log in without having to enter any details. That means there’s no risk of personal information being intercepted and you don’t have to remember yet another password.

To login from your phone, simply tap the QR code on screen and MyID will prompt you for a fingerprint or PIN.

MyID can be installed into your WordPress site without any coding or special knowledge.  Customized login screens can also be implemented with a simple WordPress ‘shortcode’.

Best of all, your first 1000 licenses are absolutely free. After that, it is just $50 for every 5000 licenses each year. No catches, no extra fees, just a secure WordPress login for all of your users, at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Case Study: Dominion Tea

"At Dominion Tea we produce small batch tea and tisane products for coffee shops, restaurants, spas, and other businesses who offer guests an outstanding tea experience. We were looking to enhance the service to our wholesale customers by offering an on-line ordering system and training guides.  The system had to be simple to login to, place a new order, reorder from a prior order, or find training materials."

"While we need to ensure each customer has their own login we also wanted something simple. After initially evaluating Clef, we were discouraged to hear that they would be shutting down. A search for a replacement led us to a solution that was every bit as good: MyID for WordPress. It offered a way to improve the security of our website while making the login experience super easy for our clients.  Ultimately MyID delivers on a core requirement for our wholesale website. It's simple to login to Dominion Tea Wholesale from their mobile devices or computers with no need to remember yet another username and password!"

Hillary Coley

CEO, Dominion Tea


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