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MyID manages trusted digital identities on smart cards, enabling organizations to utilize these for secure physical and logical access to corporate assets, whilst benefitting from the enhanced security of two-factor authentication.

A number of organizations that already use card-based physical access control systems (PACS), are also moving towards securing their logical access (LACS), e.g. network logon or remote access via a VPN, with two-factor authentication such as a smart card.

MyID is designed to provide converged PACS and LACS management on a single device, and create smart cards that house all the information individuals need, to grant logical and physical access where required.

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MyID product for employees

A flexible, feature-rich product enabling passwords to be replaced with secure digital identities on multiple devices. Trusted by high profile organizations around the world to secure employee access to business-critical systems and information

  • Enables deployment of digital identities to smart cards, virtual smart cards and mobile devices for securing access to corporate assets and information.
  • Built to integrate with your existing systems, including certificate authorities (PKIs), identity management systems (IDMS), physical access control systems (PACS) and mobile device management systems (MDMs).
  • A highly configurable solution, enabling it to support the demands of large scale globally dispersed organizations.
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