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Organisations are now benefiting from the cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use of mobile devices, whether company supplied or owned by the employee. However, accessing sensitive corporate data from mobile devices means companies must ensure that the right user is using the right applications.  Relying on passwords is no longer acceptable as they are inherently insecure, cumbersome and expensive to support.

With MyID, you will be implementing an industry leading mobile authentication solution used by organisations across the world, with no passwords required. MyID adds strong authentication functionality to leading MDM (mobile device management) providers, partnering with VMware AirWatch, MobileIron and Citrix. 

MyID natively supports biometric technologies like TouchID.  Intercede provide free access to our mobile SDK to allow developers to incorporate strong authentication into their apps without the need for any specialist knowledge.

With frictionless deployment across multiple platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android, MyID is easy to use and builds on the latest mobile phone security features whilst working with your existing Cloud service.

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MyID product for employees

An enterprise-grade, highly customizable, feature-rich authentication solution trusted by high profile organizations around the world

  • Enables deployment of digital identities to smart cards, virtual smart cards and mobile devices for securing access to corporate assets and information.
  • Built to integrate with your existing systems, including certificate authorities (PKIs), identity management systems (IDMS), physical access control systems (PACS) and mobile device management systems (MDMs).
  • A highly configurable solution, enabling it to support the demands of large scale globally dispersed organizations.

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How can MyID help with mobile management in your organisation?

Download our free guide to MyID mobile credential management

  • See how MyID for employees can transform access to corporate resources from mobile devices.
  • Discover how MyID supports a wide range of credential stores across different mobile platforms.
  • See how MyID easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. 
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