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In high security environments, establishing and maintaining trusted digital identities to manage secure access to networks, information and facilities is critical to both the protection of citizen data and national security. National governments often manage sensitive data for large civilian populations using only usernames and passwords.

Managing secure access to important government data, facilities and networks has never been more important in the face of growing, sometimes state-sponsored, cyber-crime. Government hacks are at best damaging for political reputations – and at worst could have life threatening repercussions if critical infrastructure, such as air traffic control, health care systems and power utilities, were compromised.

Alongside the need for security, ensuring efficiency across a mobile workforce is an important facet of the smooth running of any government. The increasing use of mobile computing and smartphones to access to sensitive data using weak passwords on these devices is a major vulnerability. This demands strong authentication solutions that can be interoperable across many device and operating systems.

We've been providing solutions to real world digital identity and credential management problems faced by US federal agencies, national governments and associated industries for over 20 years. These organizations enjoy secure and efficient employee access in the form of FIPS 201 compliant PIV credentials, derived credentials on mobile devices, national identity operations, virtual smart cards and employee access management – all facilitated by MyID.

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MyID product for employees

An enterprise-grade, highly customizable, feature-rich authentication solution trusted by high profile organizations around the world

  • Enables deployment of digital identities to smart cards, virtual smart cards and mobile devices for securing access to corporate assets and information.
  • Built to integrate with your existing systems, including certificate authorities (PKIs), identity management systems (IDMS), physical access control systems (PACS) and mobile device management systems (MDMs).
  • A highly configurable solution, enabling it to support the demands of large scale globally dispersed organizations.

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Get a thorough case study of the implementation of the Kuwait National Identity Card

  • See how MyID for employees transformed Kuwait’s national ID systems.
  • See MyID implemented to act as a single management system for all ‘back office’ and ‘front office’ national ID operations.
  • Discover how citizens collected cards from ‘ATM-style’ self-service kiosks.
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