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Security is not just about technology; it's about process. The more closely a solution fits your required business process, the more likely it is to be adopted and the faster it will be to deploy.

With MyID you get choice; our services provide simple best practice as part of the solution, minimising the cost and time of deployment. MyID is customizable and configurable to meet your specific business needs. 

  • MyID solutions support on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments.
  • MyID solutions support deploying digital identities to a wide range of devices, including smart cards, virtual smart cards and mobile.
  • The MyID product allows you to customize and integrate digital identity with your existing systems. The extensive policy control gives you the flexibility to define each step of the digital identity lifecycle, from issuance through to maintenance/recovery and revocation.
  • Our employee-focused cloud services deliver digital identities via a simple fixed process, allowing you to deploy quickly and at low cost.
  • Our consumer-focused cloud services allow you to simply add stronger security to your existing apps and services.
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MyID Overview

Discover how MyID's highly flexible and customizable identity and authentication solutions enable trust for enterprises, governments, customers and employees

  • Enterprise grade credential management systems that enable organizations to replace passwords with trusted digital identities.
  • Choose from cloud-based or on-premise.
  • Highly customizable, feature rich authentication trusted by high profile organisations around the world.
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