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Following recent major cybersecurity breaches, consumers are increasingly concerned that the security offered by their service providers is inadequate to prevent fraud and protect privacy. Customers are taking their business elsewhere and providers are threatened in the courts by expensive consumer class-actions.

At the same time, compliance with new government regulations such as GDPR, PSD2, HIPPA, ISO 27001 and Know Your Customer are fast creating new board level legal obligations for companies to better authenticate their customers.

However, it is recognized that extra security must not come at the cost of poor user experience. Consumer focused security must be frictionless, invisible and universal to ensure adoption by users and profitable operation by service providers. This requires simple, easily deployed, and seamless methods for ensuring customers are who they claim to be.

MyID meets these challenges by offering a strong, trusted, two-factor authentication solution that’s both secure and convenient

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MyID for your customers

Frictionless two-factor authentication for your services and applications

  • Banish passwords for good with customer authentication for the 21st century, combining ease of use with the highest level of security.
  • Use our online guides and SDK to integrate MyID into your services and apps - it only takes a few lines of code.
  • Low-cost subscription model including free ‘try before you buy’ option.
  • Same simple authentication experience for your customers using both browser based services and apps.
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Download the free, Essential Guide to Mobile User Authentication now

Get a comprehensive overview of the threats and risks, the various solutions available and the latest thinking on how to build the right type of security into your apps from the ground up

  • Find out why mobile security is hard to get right.
  • Understand malware in all its forms.
  • Discover why passwords are always flawed.
  • See the benefits of seamless, easy to use two-factor authentication.