The most common cause of data breach is weak or insecure passwords, with solutions such as one-time-password devices (OTPs) and biometrics proving inneffective alternatives. Implementing two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly vital for any app developer seeking to create a secure service for its customers. This is particularly important given the role that apps are playing in holding critical customer data, such as payment and personal information.

MyID offers a frictionless solution for your app, compared to the clumsy operation of SMS/token based OTPs, reducing user frustration. Passwords can be forgotten forever. With MyID, you will be implementing a world-class, low-cost, cloud-based identity authentication and credential management system to your app, that eliminates the need for vulnerable usernames and passwords.

Deploy easy, cost-effective two factor authentication and digital transaction signing for mobile apps, and rest assured that users are who they claim to be.

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MyID for your customers

Frictionless two-factor authentication for your services and applications

  • Banish passwords for good with customer authentication for the 21st century, combining ease of use with the highest level of security.
  • Use our online guides and SDK to integrate MyID into your application - it only takes a few lines of code.
  • Low-cost subscription model including free ‘try before you buy’ option.
  • Same simple authentication experience for your customers using both browser based services and apps.
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