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PIV Cards

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PIV (Personal Identity Verification), is a term used to describe the process that US federal agencies go through in order to verify applicants’ identities and issue trusted credentials to conform to the FIPS 201 standard.

MyID delivers PIV across physical identity cards, smart cards as well as on mobile, and acts as a single secure portable credential, effectively allowing the authenticated holder to log on to computers, access buildings and prove their identity as and when required. 

MyID was the first identity and credential management solution to be approved for use for US federal agencies and satisfies all of the criteria for a complete FIPS 201 compliant PIV process.

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MyID for PIV credentials

Use MyID to replace employee passwords with FIPS-201 compliant derived PIV credentials

  • Delivers PIV across physical identity cards, smart cards, as well as on mobile, and acts as a single, secure, portable credential.
  • Manage the lifecycle of credentials, automatically revoke them if a user leaves the organization, or update them in advance of expiry.  All credential issuance and lifecycle events are recorded within MyID allowing full visibility of who has active credentials.
  • Deploy as a cloud service or on-premise.
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How can PIV help your organisation?

Download our free guide to PIV and see how MyID enables FIPS 201 best practice

  • Understand the issues and requirements of FIPS 201.
  • See a FIPS 201 approved market-leading product used to issue millions of PIV cards.
  • Make PIV best practice work for your organization.

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