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Passwords to PKI In Person Event

Thursday February 23, 2023 1:30 PM

Digital Identity Authentication is essential to control who is accessing your network and resources.

Organisations are forced to deal with different authentication technologies;  passwords still remain, different types of Multi-Factor authentication suit various user cases and cryptographically based solutions such as FIDO or PKI can be more secure, but are they more difficult to manage?

How do you plan and manage a cost-effective authentication structure for your employees, customers, and supply chain?

Three Industry leaders:

Expisoft, Yubico, Intercede Banner

Invite you to a two-hour in-person workshop discussing this topic.

This is an opportunity to join industry peers to talk to leading vendors and service providers to understand how your organisation and customers can cost effectively implement and manage secure authentication controls compliant to regulations such as the new NIS2, SITHS and GDPR.

Presentations start at 2.00 pm

Registration from 1.30 pm

Meeting will include the following:

  • Free food and drink
    • Also networking
  • Authentication Technologies, benefits and gotchas
    • What’s best for you?
  • Password management and best practice
    • If passwords won’t go, how to make sure they are a safe as possible
  • Strong authentication: braving MFA, FIDO and PKI
    • How to step up to passwordless security, benefits and potential issues.
  • Security hygiene and solution monitoring
    • How to keep best practice and how to demonstrate you are.
  • Cost effectiveness
    • How to deploy your ideal authentication portfolio without breaking the bank.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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