By 2025, more than 50% of the Workforce will be Passwordless*

Password authentication is widely used to verify digital identities.

Enabling employees to log into systems and files, to carry out their roles.  

The technology also allows employees to digitally sign and send encrypted emails.

However, with passwords being highly criticised for not being a strong enough form factor on its own.

Multi-factor Authentication is a much more secure option.  Our MFA logons provide:

  • Choice of Login
  • No more password resets
  • Self service enrolment
  • Authenticate anywhere, anytime.

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By 2025, more than 50% of the workforce and more than 20% of customer authentication transactions will be passwordless, up from less than 10% today.

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Where protecting systems and information really matters, you will find MyID.  Whether its citizen data, aerospace and defence systems, high-value financial transactions, intellectual property or air traffic control, we are proud that many leading organisations around the world choose MyID to protect themselves against data breach and ensure business continuity.