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  PSD2 is on a collision course with the banking sector and, since January 2018, you need to be compliant. Sign up for the PSD2 hub to make sure you are.  


With PSD2, banks will be forced to ‘open up’ their digital doors with new APIs, allowing third-party service providers access to consumer banking information. As always, more competition in the marketplace will be fantastic for customers; transactions will be easier and access to a wider range of financial services should become the norm.

'Opening up' banking does, however, come with significant security risks so PSD2 mandates a host of new security protocols to ensure the safety of customer data. This means service providers and app developers are forced to comply with new stringent authentication regulations, or face heavy penalties.

Intercede's authentication whitepaper explores the details of the legislation, outlining detailed timeframes, the technical and commercial challenges posed, and offers a solution for strong authentication combined with a better user experience. Download your free copy of the whitepaper now to discover for yourself how to stay ahead of PSD2.

This whitepaper is part of the PSD2 hub, a rich collection of first and third-party content covering everything you need to know about the legislation. We'll send you an invitation to the hub along with your copy of the whitepaper - and periodically we'll send you important updates and information around PSD2.


Download the PSD2 authentication whitepaper here, and register for the PSD2 Hub


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