MyID Overview

MyID enables secure authentication for governments, employees and customers.

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The MyID service for employees

A cloud based, cost effective, easy to deploy and manage, enterprise grade credential management system that enables organizations to replace passwords with trusted digital identities.

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Key features

  • Low maintenance - hosted in the cloud, and provides credential management (CMS) and public key infrastructure (PKI) as part of the service, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining additional solutions
  • Low cost - free trial, no start-up fees and low predictable costs with our subscription model
  • Easy to use - end users are guided through a simple self-collection wizard right at their own desktop and, by replacing complex passwords with simple PIN's bound to their personal devices, their life is made even easier

The MyID product for employees

An enterprise-grade, highly customizable, feature-rich authentication solution trusted by high profile organisations around the world.

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Key Features

  • Smart card management - establish, issue, and manage trusted digital identities on physical smart cards, for secure physical and logical access to corporate assets
  • Manage the lifecycle of credentials, automatically revoke them if a user leaves the organization, or update them in advance of them expiring.  Lifecycle activity can be automated, operator led or self-service activities, allowing an organization to choose the best balance of security and convenience
  • Extremely flexible - a bespoke solution deployable on-premises or in a private cloud, build to suit your needs exactly

MyID for your customers

A frictionless, easy to deploy, and highly secure two-factor authentication for your applications.

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Key Features

  • Banish passwords for good with enterprise-grade security for the 21st century
  • Use our online guides and SDK to integrate MyID into your application - it only takes a few lines of code
  • Low-cost, affordable authentication for mobile apps
  • Trial licenses available to try before you buy

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