Expisoft is a cybersecurity company that enables civil and military organizations to accelerate and simplify Implementation of trusted and secure IT-environments.  We have been providing cyber security solutions to the Nordic market for over 30 years. Providing the same proven and trusted services to military, governmental and commercial organizations. With solutions like SITS, PaaS, ExpiAccess and CA (PKI) Infrastructure, and Expisoft Managed Security Service (MSS).

Expisoft provides Its security services to well over 3,000 clients across Northern Europe and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


The need for organizations to protect themselves from cyber-attacks has never been greater. A vast number of companies have already suffered attacks against their sensitive and critical business Information with weak passwords, insufficient security architecture and outdated software being a key attack vector for cyber criminals.Expisoft have a variety of services provided to give the highest protection level to any organization using our solutions.

  • PKI systems for connected environments that offers successful data protection management issues and manages e-identities on devices such as smart cards, tokens and mobile and comes with user identities that are strongly bound to embedded cryptographic keypairs, giving the strongest level of authentication.  A solution that rapidly increase cybersecurity regardless of your current vendor infrastructure technology.
  • High security IT – Bunker is a “red” and physically isolated high security IT- system aimed at providing military and defence organisations as well as civil organizations with rigorous protection of classified information (up to top secret) and data.
  • Security – IT Bunker is a “yellow” and logically separated high security IT – system improving and supporting civil organisations in ranging from protecting business critical information to classified information (restricted) and data.


Expisoft MSS is a fully managed security service that provides superior protection against identity related cyber threats.

A cost-effective, secure way to control access to your network, applications, and devices using trusted credentials.

EMSS is designed and built to exacting standards. It is low-risk and efficient, and it enables you to retain full control of your PKI without having to worry about the complexities of PKI design, monitoring, and operation. Your own dedicated PKI is delivered as a managed service and hosted in a secure environment.

Highlights :

  • Subscription based pricing
  • A fully managed service
  • Continuous enhancements and development
  • Updates and New versions


  • Crypto-based multi-factor authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • Wide range of integration options
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • User friendly

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