MyID for your customers

Easy, cost-effective two factor authentication and digital transaction signing for mobile apps, enabling you to guarantee that users and their devices are who or what they claim to be.


Why MyID?

MyID for your customers is a secure, easy to implement two-factor authentication service for mobile apps and cloud services.

It allows service providers to quickly deploy strong authentication to services from mobile apps, with minimal effort and cost.

  • A world-class, low-cost, cloud-based identity authentication and credential management service, that overcomes the vulnerabilities of usernames and passwords.

  • Built on the proven MyID platform developed over the last 20 years to deliver secure credentials for some of the largest global organizations. Intercede software is currently used to manage over 11 million credentials worldwide, including numerous US and UK government agencies.

  • MyID for your customers offers a frictionless solution compared to the clumsy operation of SMS/token based one-time passwords, meaning user frustration is kept to a minimum – and they can forget their passwords forever.

MyID turbo-charges application security with quick and secure two-factor identity authentication, that simultaneously improves your user’s experience by eliminating passwords from the equation. It’s super simple to implement: with just a few lines of code and our SDK, you’re all set to provide the strongest possible protection for users, apps & data on any device.


How does it work?


MyID credential issuance:

This bit only needs to happen once and is how the MyID credential is issued, for example when your customer activates your app on a new device.

  • Your app communicates with your existing web service to authorise the issuance of a MyID credential. We provide the server-side library to make this really easy.  The user enrolment and app-enablement is exactly what you do today: we don’t touch this bit!
  • Your app calls the client library to request a MyID credential is issued, the client library handles all of the communication between the device, generating keys on device (for maximum security) and the MyID cloud service, from which the credential is issued.
  • The credential is protected on the device either by a PIN or a fingerprint and, as the whole issuance process is managed from your app, it’s quick and seamless for your customers.

MyID credential usage:

Now the credential is on the device, your app simply calls the MyID client library whenever it needs to use the credential.

  • Our client library takes care of all of the complex cryptography and you end up with a strong mutual two-factor authentication to your service, protecting you against fraudulent access.
  • Your customer only has to enter a PIN or place their finger to gain access, giving them a highly secure yet very simple authentication experience.
  • As well as authenticating your customers without passwords, you can also use the MyID credential for additional security capabilities, such as digitally signing a transaction.  The Client Library takes care of this for you with just one API call.
Congratulations! you are now protecting your customers and yourself against the #1 cause of data breach: weak or stolen credentials.

Download our essential guide to mobile user application to discover the problems with usernames and passwords, the cost of poor security, and the solutions.


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