MyID service for employees - how it works

The MyID service for employees is designed to make it easy for end users and administrators to enjoy trusted digital identities. You can start your free trial now!


Easy to use

Logging on to Windows with a digital identity is easy to do, highly secure and best of all - not a password in sight!

Here’s an end user demonstrating just how effortless better security can be.

Easy to issue

MyID makes issuing credentials simple, users collect their digital identities right at their own desktop, automating deployment and reducing operational costs.

Here’s an end user showing how easy it is to collect a digital identity.

Easy to manage

If you want to see what digital identities your service has issued, or help an end user with a problem, MyID makes this straightforward by providing an intuitive service dashboard, putting control at your fingertips.

Here’s an operator showing how the dashboard provides a simple view of your service status.

How does MyID work?



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