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Date: May 14th 2015 | Author: Rik Merrikin | Topic: RNS

Further to the announcement dated 18 March 2015, the Company confirms that, following the completion of the commitment to purchase Participation Shares with an associated award of Matching Shares, the interests of Richard Parris and Andrew Walker in the ordinary shares of 1p each in the capital of the Company (“Ordinary Shares”) are as follows:

% of Issued
Share Capital
 Richard Parris *  5,645,396 5,656,898 11.6%
 Andrew Walker  1,497,192 1,502,943 3.1%

* The interests of Richard Parris include those of Jayne Murphy, a connected person.

About Intercede
Intercede is a software and service company specialising in identity, credential management and secure mobility. Its solutions create a foundation of trust between connected people, devices and apps and combine expertise with innovation to provide world-class cybersecurity.

Intercede has been delivering solutions to high profile customers, from the US and UK governments to some of the world’s largest corporations, telecommunications providers and information technology firms, for over 20 years.

Intercede’s MyID software is an identity and credential management system that enables organisations to create and assign trusted digital identities to employees, citizens and machines and in turn allows secure access to services, facilities, information and networks. MyID adheres to international standards, while remaining simple enough to be deployed onto consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices in the Internet of Things.

In 2015 Intercede launched MyTAM; enabling trusted applications to be loaded into a mobile device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), providing hardware-level security for Android apps. The cloud-based service provides a cost-effective and convenient way for developers and corporations to protect their apps and users’ sensitive data. Intercede partners with Trustonic to enable TEE services (

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