Intercede Extends Strategic Cooperation with Trustonic to launch a MyID Trusted Application Management service

Intercede combines MyID Identity Management platform with Trustonic trusted device technology to deliver fast, simple and secure trusted application deployment to mobile devices

Today leading digital identity expert Intercede and Trustonic announced an extension of their strategic collaboration to include a MyID Trusted Application Manager (TAM) service operated by Intercede.

Trustonic is the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology that protects trusted applications with secure hardware in smart devices. The collaboration will streamline access to Trustonic ‹t™-base TEE capabilities in devices for any third party service provider or application developer. Intercede will also enhance its current MyID Identity Management product to use the TAM service, providing a turnkey application deployment and identity personalization platform.

Under this collaboration Intercede will expand its MyID products to serve the growing ecosystem of Trustonic and Intercede partners who require fast, simple, secure deployment of TEE enhanced services. Initial use of the MyID Trusted Application Management (TAM) service will enable over-the-air provisioning of secure applications to TEE enabled devices. Partners will then be able to personalise apps either with third party providers or for more convenience and security, use a seamlessly integrated MyID Identity Management product hosted in the Cloud or on-premise.

Trustonic ‹t-base TEE technology already protects more than 250 million smart devices, empowering service providers to protect their applications in hardware to simplify access and enhance the services provided. ‹t-base enables usernames and passwords to be replaced with strong identity and authentication credentials that increase convenience, privacy and security for consumer and business applications. This population is expected to grow significantly in the next 12-24 months.

Intercede MyID TAM architecture will scale to serve management requirements of smartphones to the Internet-of-Things – estimated to be in excess of 50bn devices by 2020. From an end-user or consumer perspective, the MyID TAM experience will be as simple as using any Cloud-based service with simple and transparent user interfaces, high resilience, systems redundancy, massive scalability and fast response. Leveraging Intercede’s cyber security expertise and trusted reputation, the MyID TAM service will be protected by industrial strength security.

Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede commented: “By delivering a MyID TAM service we can offer more value to our existing mobile customers and open up a large new horizontal market to our technology. This solution has the potential to have a significant impact on Intercede’s sales revenue. We are proud to be associated with Trustonic and are delighted that they have chosen to partner with Intercede”.

Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic added: “Intercede provides an agile deployment path for Trustonic partners and adds value with identity and access management solutions. In addition to building a TAM capability, Intercede offers a convenient identity provisioning and personalisation platform for trusted app developers to ease access and expand services on ‹t-base enabled devices”.


About Intercede

Intercede is a software company specializing in identity and credential management with a global team of experts located in the US and UK.

Intercede’s MyID software enables organizations to create and use trusted digital identities for employees, citizens and machines. This allows secure access to services, facilities, information and networks.

MyID meets the highest government standards yet is simple enough to be deployed onto consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. Critically, MyID provides an easy, convenient and secure alternative to passwords.

Tens of million credentials are managed using MyID and Intercede has provided identity verification and management services to global customers for more than 20 years. MyID is available as a COTS*2 product (commercial-of-the shelf / Cloud-off-the-shelf), designed and developed to be configurable so it can be embedded as the cornerstone of cyber security infrastructure for governments and corporations.

Customers trusting Intercede for secure digital identity include the US and UK governments and some of the world’s largest corporations, telecommunications providers and information technology partners.


About Trustonic

Trustonic integrates hardware-level security and trust directly into the devices through which we access today’s connected world. Trustonic simplifies user experiences in everything from mobile shopping and Internet banking to entertainment to collaborating in the workplace.

Trustonic Limited is a privately held company, between three shareholders: ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient (G&D). Trustonic technology is embedded in over 250m smart connected devices, and partners with market leaders such as 20th Century Fox, Cisco, Samsung, Qualcomm and Good Technology.

To learn more about Trustonic and how it’s making your connected world a better place visit us at

Trusted by Governments and Enterprises Worldwide

Where protecting systems and information really matters, you will find Intercede.  Whether its citizen data, aerospace and defence systems, high-value financial transactions, intellectual property or air traffic control, we are proud that many leading organisations around the world choose Intercede solutions to protect themselves against data breach, comply with regulations and ensure business continuity.