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Ensuring users are who they claim to be



Trust is the foundation of any relationship - and essential to trust is the idea of identity. We’re very unlikely to trust someone we’ve never met without some guarantee of who they are: it’s the reason our police wear uniforms and name tags.

The trouble is, our lives now depend on communicating with people, companies and services across the globe without the luxury of their physical presence. The method we currently rely on to identify each other online is insecure and irritating: we use usernames and passwords, which are hacked en masse and we forget every 5 minutes. The system has been well past its sell-by date for years.

There is a solution.

We’ve been working to deliver trusted digital identities for more than 20 years – identities that allow organizations to easily issue credentials at scale so that they can be sure their employees, citizens and customers are who they claim to be. Our MyID solution operates across multiple deployments and is designed to create and secure trusted digital identities that ensure not only multi-level security, but also a frictionless user experience. Trusted by tech giants such as Microsoft, Intel and Citrix, MyID is the authentication and digital identity solution complete with the capabilities, technology and expertise to enable trust and the authentication of trusted digital identities.

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