A future without passwords…really! Part 2

My colleague Chris Edwards blogged earlier about the shortcomings of passwords.

Passwords are unpopular, insecure and inconvenient easily lost, hacked or forgotten. But, they’re still everywhere…

However at RSA 2014 this week, Intercede is teaming up with Microsoft to demonstrate a better solution.

Microsoft Windows has introduced the concept of Virtual Smart Cards, which are secured by embedded hardware in modern PCs and tablet devices.

They allow two factor authentication to be implemented across an organization without the need to issue physical smart cards.

With VSCs users log on with secure two-factor authentication: it needs to be the right machine, and it needs to be the right PIN.

Users can securely access computers, networks and cloud services while only needing to remember one PIN rather than a series of insecure passwords.

Intercede has developed a complete solution to create and manage Virtual Smart Cards across your whole organization.

Better security and a better user experience in a single solution – using something that’s probably already in place on your machine.

Come and see me at the Microsoft booth,  North Expo, #3005, where I can show you a future without passwords.

If you’re not at RSA, check out our short video on Virtual Smart Cards.

Allen Storey
Product Director

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